Genius Hour Reflection #2

For my second genius hour project, I decided to once again research a topic I have an interest in. This time I chose a topic that relates more to a hobby of mine: playing football(soccer). When thinking of the topic, I thought of all the possible projects I could do but perhaps I would enjoy … [Read more…]

Twitter Expert Connect Part 3

The Twitter Expert Connect assignment was a multi-part assignment that was separated into three parts. This all assignment introduced us: the students to a new way of research. A way we might be more accustomed to: through social media. Through twitter, we would follow professional teachers that used their twitter accounts to share knowledge to … [Read more…]

Game Week(SBC8)

This week consisted of reading posts from bloggers like me and comment on their post. IT would simply be chosen by title and image in a group of a hundred posts. The first post I read by Van Anh covered the story of french fries. It stated that this treat actually originates from Belgium but … [Read more…]

Genius Hour #1 Reflection

Genius hour projects consisted of us students having the opportunity of working on something that interested us. The best part about this was that it didn’t necessarily need to be related to the classes we take at school. In fact, that’s exactly what I did. For my first genius hour project, I learned the coding … [Read more…]

Geometry struggle

QLX-fD6DPw-4YDuAH-51FHf3-2zJLxq-5KRnrx-6nHc74-akKqKw-4oA2RL-4tetC5-qpfA6w-pipvNk-72Qq3g-am9ece-72Utf9-93LNbP-5qH82L-4RUvMe-5eMumr-mbtJnM-bFjDYV-fDfXWL-5nVHN9-jjSpBF-7pQSQ-dGQv3C-qLu84o-dGK5cv-bsprRy-7FMkAL-xgdULV-fqTZyx-er5sF2-4tetNG-nncUzD-qSfg9-bFjDWK-pZWphJ-o7QPFv. Ellen, Eric, and Mary Ellen. “Cal Poly Classroom.” Flickr, 20 Apr. 2013, Monday morning with a math exam I didn’t even know if I was ready for myself. I mean, I studied a decent amount of time the night before but I don’t really think I understood all of it. I wasn’t sure of … [Read more…]

Comment on Kait’s Post

Today I found interest in a post from a blogger named Kait. She talked about how her favorite book series was Inheritance and I grew more interest of the post because of that. I used to really like that series and reading in general a few years ago. This is the comment I left on … [Read more…]