What I Wish Would Change at My School(SBC5)

Personally, I love my life at my school. It’s fun to hang out with my friends and the campus is really nice. However, there are a few things I wish would change. For example, I think the school should be less strict with the consequences of missing homework. If one forgets to do their homework, they need to stay after school for 45 minutes finishing that homework and then doing something school relevant. On the other hand, this also applies to partially missing work. I think this is unfair because at times a student wouldn’t have time to check with his teacher for a part he/she doesn’t understand. At the same time, most of our daily homework isn’t graded. I think that if homework is at least more than half way done, the student should be allowed to leave right after finishing his homework instead of staying the full 45 minutes. On the other hand, if he/she wishes to stay they should still be allowed to. Moreover, I think that our school has a very large portion of homework. For example, last year we were supposed to have around 1 hour and a half of homework a day, but most of the time it went over 2 hours.

Something else I think should change is the amount of free time students get. Altogether, our 7 hour school day only has 45 minutes of free time; and only 25 of those minutes are dedicated to our lunch break. Firstly, this is barely enough time to get my lunch and finish it. Most of the time, I have around 8 minutes left to just stretch or talk to my friends. I think this is far from enough. As school gets harder and more stressful, we should be allowed at least 45 minutes of lunch. One way the school could make this possible is to cut advisory and extended block shorter to end at 11:45. Even if it is part of middle school’s lunch, it would only consist of us getting our lunch or settling down. By the time we settled down, their lunch would be over and we could just have a 25 minute break without worrying about our lunch.





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